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    To recruit suitable talents, Alltek Technology Corp. has been working our way to assure our employees to benefit the most from our achievements. We not only provide stable and handsome pay, but also a complete welfare structure. In an effort to develop individually distinguishing characteristics, the comprehensive employee training and promotion system are also in great organizational arrangement.


  •   Good salary package
  •   Annually bonus offering


  •   Entitled paid annual leaves
  •   Flexible management solutions
  •   Group insurance health insurance medical insurance
  •   Domestic overseas travelling
  •   Annual health examination
  •   The establishment of welfare committee: irregularly held activities such as moon festival BBQ, sports meet, movie watching and public welfare activities.


  •   Bonus payments for remarkable performances


  •   Personalized educational training program
  •   Irregularly overseas technical training from principal


     Employees are the most important investment toward success. Having this firm belief, Alltek offers comprehensive benifits and welfare to our employees such