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    Power Line Communication



    The Power line communication (PLC) technology transmit data or information digitally through power line network system which carries 50/60 Hz low band frequency to deliver broadband network information.

    The power line system network is the widest and spreadest network existed in every city, which eliminates the need of installing new wires or cables for data transmission. There are several commercialized PLC bridge products delivered in the market, only local area network is supported, PLC still need DSL,Fiber or Cable as the media of broadband access to connect into external wide area networks.




  • HPAV1.1/IEEE 1901
  • HPAV2.0 SISO
  • HPAV2.0 MIMO



    PLC is often adapted with WiFi technology to overcome the problems of distance and blind corners which Wi-Fi was trying to resolve in the real application.