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    Passive optical network


    The passive optical network (PON) is one of the telecommunication technologies used to provide fiber to the end consumers, both domestic and commercial areas. A PON’s distinguishing feature is that it implements a point-to-multipoint architecture, in which unpowered fiber optic splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple end-points. The end-points are often individual customers, rather than commercial. A PON does not have to provision individual fibers between the hub and customer. Passive optical networks are often referred to as the “last mile” between an ISP and customer.


    The data is delivered in broadcasting way in downstream direction, and in TDM way in upstream direction, it could be implemented in multiple topology such as tree, star and bus style for infrastructure building up. Voice in telephone, data and video are all be able to be transmitted in parallel simultaneously..



    ITU-T G.983: APON, BPON
    IEEE 802.3ah: EPON(GEPON)
    ITU-T G.984: GPON
    IEEE P802.3av: 10G-EPON
    ITU-T G.987: XG-PON1
    ITU-T G.9807.1:XGS-PON
    ITU-T G.989: NG-PON2



    Optical Line Terminal,OLT
    Passive Optical Splitter
    Optical Network Unit,ONU